Welcome to The SRI Investor

If you are like me, you feel uncomfortable aligning yourself with the unguided morality of the marketplace. You want to make money with your investments but you want to earn it responsibly. You want to consider the impact that your portfolio is having on the earth and all of mankind. Not just for this generation, but also in seven generations.

This doesn’t make you a socialist or a dreamer. It makes you a reasonable human being who believes that to whom much is given, much is required. We appreciate the freedom and opportunity of the capitalist system but we believe this freedom must be guided by a conscience.

I’ve begun The SRI Investor to share my latest thinking on sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing. I think it’s fair to summarize SRI investing as simply good investing but this assumes that you too have come to the conclusion that the traditional investment portfolio solutions need a reboot.

Let me warn you that I begin this journey a bit of a cynic. I’m not alone when I say that most existing SRI solutions have historically been expensive and add questionable value. Unfortunately, this has led the financial adviser community to conclude that pursuing good (or simply limiting the negative externalities) while investing is always a bad idea.

This paradigm is changing. We are living in exciting times when many visionaries are working to empower investors. New businesses are being built to provide investors with company ratings on environmental, social and governance factors. Entrepreneurs and philanthropists are joining together to leverage market based solutions to aid the world’s most vulnerable. The world’s largest banks and investment houses all have initiatives to address the growing demand from SRI investors.

Join me as I explore intelligent investment solutions for those who are interested in being a better steward of your wealth. There will be lots of new terms and acronyms as we journey to this new frontier. Part of the problem is that we can’t agree on what new adjectives we should use to describe responsible, values-based, mission-aligned, ethical, environmental, sustainable investing. Put simply, it’s a more rewarding approach to investing.

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